USAID BIJAK’s video campaign encourages youth to love and protect Indonesia’s forests

07 April 2021 Episode 1: Do you know what is a national park? (Photo USAID BIJAK) Episode 1: Do you know what is a national park? (Photo USAID BIJAK)

Protecting Indonesia’s species and their habitats requires an engaged public that is motivated to change their personal behaviors to support conservation efforts across the country. According to the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019, climate change and environmental protection ranked second on the list of topics that millennials are most concerned about.  Over the past three months, from January 2021 to March 2021, BIJAK has used video and social media technology to tap into Indonesia’s 63.4 million millennials to start a conversation about environmental action. BIJAK collaborated with 15 Indonesian non-government and civil society organizations to launch five vox-pop videos as part of the ongoing digital Youth Loves National Parks/Anak Muda Cinta Taman Nasional (AMCTN). Vox-pop videos are made up of clips taken from interviews with members of the public on specific topics. The videos show Indonesian youth from diverse backgrounds from across Indonesia as well as influencers who voiced their unfiltered opinions on Indonesia’s national parks and the need for environmental protection. Social media analytics showed that the target audience found the videos to be creative, relatable and memorable. The video campaign’s endline survey showed that the vox-pop series has increased the awareness and knowledge of the national parks. The videos, which are available on YouTube, have attracted 75,320 views so far.

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