USAID BIJAK builds capacity to use mobile technology for data-driven conservation area decision making

19 March 2021 SMART patrol at Mount Leuser National Park (Photo: USAID LESTARI) SMART patrol at Mount Leuser National Park (Photo: USAID LESTARI)

Since 2018, USAID BIJAK has worked with the Directorate General of KSDAE's Data and Information (Datin) to improve data management for conservation areas. This effort has included updating KSDAE’s computerized management information system, called SIDAK, to provide up-to-date information on conservation area conditions including conservation values, level of target achievement, and threats to conservation values, among others. The management information system enables conservation area managers at the national and local level to make data-driven decisions to implement conservation strategies and actions, and to measure their effectiveness. This week, BIJAK and KSDAE trained 86 staff from 11 national park technical implementation units (UPTs) on how to use a mobile phone application to enter patrol data, upload it into SIDAK, and analyze it to inform management at the site level. BIJAK has trained UPT staff from 14 national parks to pilot mobile technology and is coaching them through the process of applying it to their day-to-day work. The data collected during pilots will serve as a baseline for tracking threat management and other important data related to conservation. The UPTs will report on their progress and lessons learned from pilot activities at a national KSDAE workshop for conservation area staff in April 2021.