USAID BIJAK and NGOs inspire Indonesian Youth to love National Parks

23 September 2020 Poster for the AMCTN campaign Zoom webinar event. Poster for the AMCTN campaign Zoom webinar event.

USAID BIJAK is leading a coalition of 18 non-government and civil society organizations to connect Indonesian youth with national parks through the Youth Love National Parks/Anak Muda Cinta Taman Nasional (AMCTN).  The overarching goals of the 12-month campaign are to create a sense of pride in the parks, and to encourage young Indonesians to advocate for and support actions to protect the country’s forests and biological diversity through social media, with photos, stories, fun games and calls-to-action by AMCTN coalition members. On September 23, BIJAK and the AMCTN coalition hosted a Zoom webinar featuring presentations by young environmental champions, biodiversity warriors, and social media influencers to inspire and influence young people to learn about and support the national parks.  11 CSO partners held social media events in the run up to the live half-day online event which was attended by more than 330 participants.  The webinar/launch event was covered by 8 online media, including Media Indonesia, Republika Online, as well as Antara News with regional outlets in 8 Indonesian provinces.  The event’s hashtag, #KawanTaman, has generated 26,918 engagements to date.  The campaign hashtag, #KenanganTerindah, has already been used on 418 Instagram posts, generating 37,302 engagements to date.