21 Organizations Campaign for Youth Loves National Parks

30 September 2020 Anak Muda Cinta Taman Nasional event poster (USAID BIJAK) Anak Muda Cinta Taman Nasional event poster (USAID BIJAK)

Efforts to cultivate youth to love Indonesia's rich natural resources, starting from national parks, are now starting to be amplified. Twenty-one environmental organizations collaborated to launch the Youth Loves National Parks campaign.

Youth considers National Parks as a display of Indonesia's extraordinary natural and socio-cultural richness, which makes this country one of 17 mega biodiverse countries.

The collaboration agreed that national parks as the center of excellence for the young generation to take action in protecting nature, especially since Indonesia has 54 national parks stretching from Sabang to Merauke.

These areas include valuable ecosystems that support our lives with clean water and fresh air, cultural customs, places for recreation and learning, as well as home to endemic flora and fauna species.

“National parks must be a source of pride and joy for Indonesian youth. I hope this campaign can reach young people from various backgrounds and make them see national parks as places to learn in an innovative, fun, and easily accessible way," said actor and nature activist Ramon Y Tungka in a webinar on the Launching of Anak Muda Cinta Taman Nasional (Youth Loves National Forests) collaboration, Wednesday (23/9).

In this collaboration, he said and agreed that the young generation who recognized national parks as part of their pride and identity are youth who are competitive ​​in the region and the world because they will play an active role in protecting the nation's assets.

A public opinion survey conducted by USAID Build Indonesia to Protect Nature for Sustainability (BIJAK) in 2018 stated that almost 75 percent of the total 2,097 respondents had heard of the term national park but only 19 percent knew for sure about national parks, or at least they could mention one of them. Second, the 21-30 age group thought that the benefits of national parks were related to conservation goals, and 14 percent of the group that chose recreational destinations.

According to the Director of the Directorate of Environmental Service Utilization for Conservation Forest, KLHK, Dr. Nandang Prihadi, S.Hut, M.Sc, the Youth Loves National Parks campaign is part of an effort to embrace Indonesian youth who like mountains, take nature tours, and take a walk in the forest.

To enjoy national parks and natural tourism parks’ beauty and make visits for relaxation, both physically and mentally, he said. " You can go directly to the national park website to see which national parks and natural tourism parks that can be visited during the Covid-19 pandemic. Or please join the National Park and Nature Tourism Festival which is planned to be held on September 24-27, 2020," explained Nandang.

One of the collaborators, Pardi Forest Watch Indonesia, said that this collaboration could provide more comprehensive information about national parks. "One of the targets is to raise awareness of young people about national parks greater role for recreation, their important role in maintaining ecological balance, particularly the hydrologic cycle and protecting us from disasters," he said.

In addition to stimulating youth’s curiosity and attention to national parks, this campaign is expected to inspire young people. One of the tactics is through interactive social media activities that invite young people to upload photos of their visits to national parks on their social media accounts using the hashtags #KawanTaman and #KenanganTerindah. (H-3)

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