Welcome to BIJAK

Launched in 2016, USAID BIJAK brings to bear leading technical expertise in the areas of forestry, conservation area management, and wildlife protection to help inform and encourage Indonesian reform efforts that conserve valuable marine and terrestrial biodiversity and reduce GHG emissions. To accomplish this, BIJAK works at the national level, with a range of stakeholders, to improve the management of forests and conservation areas, and strengthen protections for marine and terrestrial wildlife threatened by illegal or unsustainable trade.
About Us
  • a river full of rocks
    Improving Management of Forest and Ecosystem Services

    Photo: Fahmi Ramadhan / USAID BIJAK

  • Field staff working
    Improving Management of Conservation Areas

    Photo: Fahmi Ramadhan / USAID BIJAK

  • Protecting Indonesia's Key Species

    Photo: Danumurthi Mahendra/ USAID BIJAK

  • Peatland
    Protecting High Conservation Value Areas

    Photo: Danumurthi Mahendra / USAID BIJAK